Cooking for the first time on Thanksgiving Day

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I must start by saying that I have a new and deep respect for every person who cooks for Thanksgiving Day. I never really knew all that it entailed. All the planning, buying, and extra things one must do to make that day happen is a huge undertaking. Not one person may complete the task on their own. It helps to have extra hands on deck.

It was usual for Rick and me to head over to my in-laws or my side of the family for Thanksgiving dinner. We did not put much thought into Thanksgiving Dinner. The most challenging part of the whole event was picking out an outfit to match to take pictures. This year brought a turn to make multiple decisions to make that day successful. Why may you ask? I had promised my husband that I would cook this year and bring Thanksgiving to our home. So I set out to complete this task!

I had promised my husband that I would cook this year and bring Thanksgiving to our home.

With my first cooking adventure for Thanksgiving 2021, this week was like any other. Preparation for that one day we call Thanksgiving requires a minimum of one to two weeks to prepare. Googling recipes, finalizing the menu, and deciding where to cook things are only part of the process. Many food recipes require prepping 2-4 days before the day, especially if you are doing them from scratch. I chose to take this route. I often thought, hmmm, should I have done the instant way instead? It was too late to go back since I had already boughten all the supplies. I set out to plan to give Rick a Thanksgiving he will not forget.

I couldn’t help but share my soon-to-be first-time Thanksgiving cooking challenge with my co-workers with whom I share an office. They were astonished that I had never cooked a turkey, and I could hear their concerns in their voices. But, I pressed through with courage to set out to do it. I am extra thankful to my co-workers. Thanks for the tips and all the texts to make sure I did not royally mess up this day. You all truly helped me so much!

I’d also like to share that I have two new best friends in the kitchen. Allow me to introduce them to you, the measuring spoons, and my dough blender. They officially made their debut this Thanksgiving week, especially with my homemade pumpkin pie.

There are so many intricate parts to that pie! Wow! You bet I had those measuring spoons ready to use for the nutmeg, cinnamon, whipping cream, and ginger! I read somewhere online that if you can make a pumpkin pie, you are considered a baker. I’m not sure I can take that title yet, but I felt super proud of myself. My homemade pumpkin pie was so tasty, and my family agreed as well.

I’m not sure I can take that title yet, but I felt super proud of myself.

To summarize my Thanksgiving Menu, it is as follows: oven-made turkey, homemade cranberry-apple stuffing, traditional homemade stuffing, store bought cranberries, french bread, jalapeno cream cheese corn, green bean casserole, homemade mashed potatoes, ice cream, and homemade pumpkin pie.

I may officially say I have survived cooking on Thanksgiving Day. And, I have also experienced my very first Thanksgiving cooking it all! Special thanks to my husband Rick, who helped prep and cook on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day this year is an extra special day for my family. One year ago, my husband Rick was fighting for his life in the ICU. Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on where we have been and are now. It isn’t easy to tuck away an event that was so heartrending. But today, my family and I chose not to look back and be grateful for his life. Thankful that we are not there wondering what was to happen to our dear Rick. God is such a good God in and day out! Rick is proof of that.

One of my favorite picturess I took on Thanksgiving this year

I promised my husband in early Spring to give him a Thanksgiving he will never forget to celebrate his life. I may conclude now; it was beyond successful. My takeaway from this Thanksgiving week is to dare to do the impossible. For me, it was doing something I had never done before. Whether I would have failed or succeeded, I was grateful to have shared it with the love of my life, Rick, and my special guests, my beautiful family.

I hope your day was just as fantastic as mine. I pray you learned something new and made new memories with the ones you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love this Holiday Season, and thank you for being with me as I share my personal moments with you.

In His Joy,

4 thoughts on “Cooking for the first time on Thanksgiving Day

  1. Wait the ice cream wasn’t homemade?! Slacker! jkjkjjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk (Seriously, i can’t add enough jk’s to fully express how much I mean that joke as a compliment to your undertaking, and maybe a tad as a commentary on our natural
    need to be perfect)

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  2. Tell me more about this dough contraption. I’m intrigued… Also, you specified that the cranberries were store-bought, but not the bread…. Is homemade bread checked off on your pandemic bingo board?! There I go again, raining on your parade, shame shame on me. Love love love you, and am so impressed with your ambition and achievement. I also have never cooked a turkey. Maybe someday I’ll overcome that fear of failure. For now, I’m happy to let Chef Martin take the credit, and I’ll take the photos (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!)

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  3. It’s funny, as I was reading this post and not sure how it all turned out, I was ready to advise how any disasters would quickly become cherished memories of love and laughter. And yet if it were me, of course i’d be an absolute bug-eyed tear-leaking stressball, and would probably be extremely traumatized my turkey were burnt and/or raw (yes it’s possible to be both). Funny though, I would absolutely cut anyone else lots and lots of slack if they messed up the meal, yet would never forgive myself if i did. WHY ARE WE SO HARD ON OURSELVES?! Glad God graced with you the meal that you imagined. Either way, i’m sure the promise of “Thanksgiving you won’t forget” would have been fulfilled! lololol love you lots and lots and lots and lots

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