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My name is Paula Villarreal, and I am a full time Occupational Therapist who loves the Lord with all her heart. I am happily married to Rick and reside in Harlingen, Texas with our two dogs, a boston terrier and pug. I enjoy flying kites on the weekend with the love of my life and sharing the art of kite-flying with as many people as I meet. I enjoy serving at my local church, and I am looking forward to this new journey involving sharing my life experiences with you. Why? You may ask? Well, in all honesty, it is about time. It serves me no purpose to have surpassed my trials and not share them with anyone. I am joyful to share how God saved my life from depression, generational curses, and from living a life in fear. In addition, I am opening my heart to share my battle with infertility, and how to live your best, purposeful life while in the waiting.

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