Would you like to have a cup of coffee?

Lately, I have been craving human stimulation in the form of meaningful conversations.  I don’t know how your daily routine looks like.  But I would like to share a little bit of mine to understand the reason behind my opening sentence. 

Needless to say, I am online quite a bit!

I usually start my day checking my schedule online from the comfort of my own bed.  I follow up with a drive to work that usually involves my apple playlist.  Pushing that app button, scrolling, & finding that perfect “pep me up” morning playlist that have my eyes glued to the screen to make sure I get it right.  I get to work, check emails, and I get started on some virtual therapy visits.  The day continues on with multiple texts, calls, and paperwork all involving accessing a screen on a device.  I am on a screen most of my day, and I may even go as far as saying the total is about 30 plus hours a week.  This is not counting my fun social media and Pinterest binging moments on my personal time.   Needless to say, I am online quite a bit!

A screen shot of my phone

Have you ever looked at your daily screen time intake?  I believe if one did a tally of one’s screen time, one would be pleasantly surprised how much time one is spending staring at the screen.  I have the settings on my i-phone let me know my weekly average time spent on the screen. As noted above in my screen shot, the week of preceding February 28th was a pretty high average. The average screen time per day was averaging a little over 8 hours a day.

I contemplate every week whether the data helps my well being. Mainly because when I see the amount, it honestly freaks me out. But in all sincerity, it is helpful in knowing how much time my eyes are connected to my screen for work and personal time combined.

I first started noticing the increase of more and more screen time since the pandemic of 2020 began in mid-March.  One of the first things that started to happen was the change of my “in person” therapy sessions turned into virtual therapy sessions.  This, in turn, added to my already jammed packed screen time spent on work duties.

I am at a point where I see myself craving that sunshine, the walk down the street, or sipping a cup of coffee while having a meaningful conversation.  That is where I am at this very moment in time.  I have had a lot of things going on in my personal life, which I hope to share in the future blogs to come.  For now, I would like to ponder on the notion that I am itching to talk to someone!

Those simple chats about life are food to my mind and soul.

I am blessed to have my husband at home now (for those who do not know, he spent 64 days in the hospital).  I enjoy our deep conversations about life and future plans.  But I am talking about “girl talk” that I have been missing.  I truly appreciate the people who take my calls (you know who you are) and have conversations about “how life is going” and “what are you doing today?” Those simple chats about life are food to my mind and soul.  I actually prefer hearing “I am going to the store and picking up some things I desperately need” than seeing it on an Instagram post.  This is me venting to the world right now, but what a better place than my blog.  It is an expression of how I am feeling at this very moment.  

Please do not get me wrong.  I do enjoy a good Instagram post; however, at this very moment, I am craving some much-needed conversation that is so ever absent in 2021.  

So, I lift up my cup of coffee to you at this very moment, and say “Would you like to have a cup of coffee?”  But what I really am saying is that I would love to hear how you are doing and hope my silly conversation of life will bring you as much joy as yours does to me!

Enjoyed the reading? Share your comments with me below⬇️!

Blessings from the desk of Paula Villarreal

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11 thoughts on “Would you like to have a cup of coffee?

  1. So enjoyed our visit over dinner the other night. I am most hopeful we can make that happen more often next season. AND…we will get you started on woodcarving in the fall!! Hugs!

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  2. Sis! We need to go and have a cup of coffee !!! Just sit and talk .. about it all. I love to talk to. I think because I spend most of my days having conversations about health and death, I am not spending enough time hAving conversations about life!

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  3. Does anyone else see in the irony in writing a post about how you prefer real conversations to those one-and-done social media interactions? I’m glad that you wrote this and tagged me in it, because it is so relatable and vital.

    I too have been craving girl talk. For me, I cast a wide net, finding so many ladies that I want to develop friendships with, but something stops me from actually investing the time.

    Why the self sabotage? When I do hang out, I love it, and always end with “let’s do more of this”. But then I find excuses why I can’t this week, or reach out to a different friend, spreading myself too thin and then big surprise when I feel ready to snap.

    There are studies about how many hours it takes to turn an acquaintance into a friend, and then to level up to good friend.

    Let’s invest that time in each other, and not just on social media.

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  4. So how am I doing? Actually not bad. Today was a rollercoaster, with moments of overwhelm and moments of laughter, moments of sadness and moments of awww, moments of gratitude and calm, and moments of guilt and tears.

    Annabelle had a picture perfect moment at church (I didn’t snap it because it was in the middle of church) then had a marathon playdate with a friend, did 5/6 of our bedtime routine, and woke up with a night terror.

    Noah was adorable, then cranky, then adorable again.

    Max is my spirit animal. He always comforts me when I cry, overreacts to incidents that seem minor to the outside observer, and doesn’t like me be alone

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  5. And me? I’m here, procrastinating sleep, trying to take care of everyone else, when what I really need is to channel today’s message from James, and listen more than I speak.

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  6. Hello My Dear!
    Thank You for including me!
    Spending some time outside planning new garden as our yard is being filled in and leveled and regraded then to be loaned and seeded!
    So it’s going through reconstruction phases

    Will send you photos if you’d like to see them!

    You both take care…


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