Signing on the dotted line

To start talking about signing, I have to go back in time to tell you how it all started. It has been a good two years that I have been speaking into a digital voice recorder and typing away editing at some of the most intimate thoughts in my head. If I had told you 5 years ago that I would write a book, I probably would have laughed.

But in all honesty, I believe that is one of the beautiful characteristics of God. He loves to surprise his children with giftings they cannot fathom even doing. See as a young girl, I was always drawn to Science. Ever since I could remember, I knew I wanted to study Biology in college. So that is what I did. In partnership with Texas Southmost College, I received my Bachelor’s in Science in 2001 from the University of Texas in Brownsville. It was a dream that I was so joyful to have accomplished. 

I furthered my interest in Science, specifically in medicine, by pursuing a job in the field of Occupational Therapy. I was hooked on this career ever since I volunteered at the hospital and saw the whirlpool in rehab. Needless to say, I do not work with whirlpools that much, but it sure attracted me to the profession of Occupational Therapy. 

I am sharing my interests in my career path so you may also gather your conclusion on how did Paula ever considered writing a book. I am here to tell you I sometimes still wonder how, but I did! 

I am here to tell you I sometimes still wonder how, but I did! 

It all began when I was having difficulty in my journey in becoming a mom. Through several highs and lows with doctor’s visits, I came to a moment where Infertility took hold of my life. It was so painful to hear this term from doctors. It was so sad getting so close to reaching this dream of becoming a mother and then getting my heart shattered by continued losses. 

So I found myself journaling and sharing my thoughts on a piece of paper during much of these difficult seasons. These pages in my journal would later become a good 50% of my book inspiration to my book Dream Again.

I did not know how I would do it, but God gave me a dream to write a story of hope. This hope to continue to dream that dream you so dearly desire. So through some encouraging connections, I ran across a great mentoring program called Unlocking Your Book that spiraled into a journey I was meant to be on. 

So fast forward to today. I am celebrating the day I get to sign on the dotted line. The signature I will be signing tomorrow signifies that “I am all in!” This is where I find myself today. My manuscript is complete. Do I have some work ahead of me? Of course, I do. Some include editing reviews, cover designs options, and lots of little other details. What is so exciting is that I get to share this with you. 

In the past, I was always timid to talk about Infertility. But the truth of the matter is that Infertility affects so many women in the US. It is taboo to talk about it, but today I share it with you with an open heart. I honestly am a little nervous about what people will say when they read my journey. My journey holds nothing back in my book.

My journey holds nothing back in my book.

Now it’s time to celebrate. I am signing my publishing contract tomorrow with Messenger Books(January 28, 2022 @5:30PM). Will you celebrate with me? Join me on my Facebook live and Instagram live. See my media links below.

See you soon!


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