A Declaration For 2022

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Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening . . . depending on when you read this blog. This blog was written on New Year’s Day. As every new year approaches, I am sure you have some resolutions in your mind or maybe you took it a step further and wrote them down. Whichever the case may be, I am sure you want to do better in 2022. 

I want to share a story that led to writing this blog. It was October of the year 2021. I do not remember the specific date, but I remember my feelings. I was beyond stressed out, with my heart racing, and quite honestly not feeling well. I was overwhelmed with the stresses of my job. I won’t go into details, but I was stressed. Stress is stress. The demands of life are challenging, and add a job where you feel overwhelmed with the demands you cannot meet. That is where I found myself. 

I was venting to one of my besties from Houston named Gali.  Firstly, I love Gali so much. She has so much wisdom for a cute, tiny person! While I was sharing what I was going through, she opened her mouth and spoke the sweetest and kindest words.  

She said, “Paula do you remember that verse in Philippians 4?”  I immediately knew where she was going with this. She would tell me to lean on God because he gives us strength. But I was utterly wrong. My preconceived notion was off. She went on to say to me that “Paula can do all things through God who gives her strength, but Paula was not called to do everything.”

I was speechless. It was something I had never heard worded and laid out like that. You see, Gali is a fantastic writer. I will note down some of her publications below on this blog. She can articulate 100 times better than I can. But the last part of that sentence hit me to my core. God created me to run my race, but I was not meant to do it all. It is so liberating to type this out.  

God created me to run my race, but I was not meant to do it all.

So today, I am so joyful to be starting my 1st day of the brand-new year reading the word of God, spending time with the love of my life(which last year I was not able to), and writing. Some of my most favorite things to do nowadays.

Why am I sharing this story with you?   I pray my light bulb moment brightens your path as you develop your new year’s resolutions.

I will go a step further and share my most intimate declarations for the year 2022.

I love writing my goals with pen and paper. There is something so warm about holding the pen and striking the paper to create your declarations. We have the ability to create what we choose to create. So this is my little part in it, writing them down.

We have the ability to create what we choose to create.

As you start or have already started to make your declarations for 2022, you can consider this. You cannot do everything, but you can give everything you have.  

I am reminded of a verse I read this morning. I had never really paid attention to this verse as I did today while meditating on my “everything” word.  

In the Life Application Study Bible, Genesis 2:4 reads, “This is the account of the creation of the heavens and the earth.”  

In the Compass Bible, the same verse in Genesis 2:4 reads, “This is the detailed story of the Eternal God’s singular work in creating all that exists. On the day the heavens and the earth were created.”

It is incredible to recognize that our almighty God is the ultimate creator of all things. He solely created ALL that we see now. The earth and everything in it. This leads me to realize that he is God, the one who can ultimately do EVERYTHING. 

Am I God? This is an easy answer to answer. Of course not. So, therefore, if we believe in that verse, we all should realize the truth. Then, we cannot do everything. There is only one person who can, God the Father. 

This brings me so much peace, knowing that it is ok that we cannot do it all. We have jobs that have demands we cannot meet. We have children who have more activities than we can possibly drive them around to. Perhaps, we also have homes that we cannot keep up with cleaning. It is alright not to be able to do all of these things. We may ask for help. Or, in my case, carve out things I cannot do for the sake of my sanity and well-being.  

Take care of yourself with everything you have!

I end this New Year’s Blog with this. You are an amazing creation God created. Make a declaration today! Take care of yourself with everything you have! In return, you will be able to give your very best to the people around you and the people you serve.

Many blessings and favor as you enter this beautiful 2022 year!

Why? Because God would not want any other way!

In His Joy and Love,


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My view this New Years Day

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Love you Gali! Thanks for being a beacon of light!

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4 thoughts on “A Declaration For 2022

  1. Love this blog really ministered to my life . I often try to do too muchI needed this!!
    Thanks for sharing what a blessing to kick off the New Year . Thank you Paula!!
    Love ,

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  2. Wow this is powerful sister. I’m glad you shared this with me. It is very inspiring to me as I will be starting grad school this year 2022. This verse you and your friend shared just enlighten my day and just made me feel more positive in attending this school year. I didn’t know how I was going to go through with this with the kiddos school, kiddos sports , full time wife and full time worker. This verse really has me thinking that no matter what I will get through this. I’m in agreement with you,” God created me to run my race, but I was not meant to do it all”. 😊

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